About Us

Henwyn Farm is a small-scale certified natural farm featuring rare heritage breed hogs raised on pasture and woodland, located in the Merrimack Valley of central New Hampshire.

We manage a breeding herd of pigs for meat and live sales. Our aim is to produce a meat product of exceptional quality, with a focus on flavor, marbling, and nutrient density. For this reason, we do not use conventional feed or commercial breeds of pig. The breeds we use have short, fine-grained muscle fibers as well as a high proportion of intra-muscular fat. The result is a meat with greater tenderness, moisture and flavor. The only grain we feed is a custom-mixed ration of organic barley, organic peas, and kelp.

Much of our efforts are directed at pasture management. We use management intensive grazing techniques and experiment with successive plantings of fodder crops in order to maximize available nutrients.  In addition to grasses and legumes, our pigs enjoy foraging on barley, oats, peas, turnips, and other select garden vegetables. In the fall, their favorite activity is to range through our woodlot, feasting on acorns and beech mast. Winter finds them sheltered near the barn, eating free choice amounts of our own timothy/clover hay and apples.

With 13 acres of pasture and 16 acres of woodland, our foremost long-term goal is to maintain the health of our soils. Our pigs are frequently rotated through different paddocks and we overseed behind them to ensure constant ground cover. As we are certified natural livestock producers, we adhere to standards very similar to those of the National Organic Program; we do not use synthetic fertilizer, herbicides, or other harmful applications on our fields, nor have they been used in the production of anything we feed to our pigs.

Retail sales of pork are available now at the Cambridge Winter Farmers Market in Boston; sales of live pigs, including piglets and registered mulefoot breeding stock are available on a rolling basis. Call or write for details.

To experience the full bounty and variety of our heirloom pork, place a custom order to purchase a live pig and have us process it for you right on the farm, using traditional methods. We offer various charcuterie options as add-ons and will consult with you on cooking strategies to maximize thrift and enjoyment.

Special thanks to Rachel Ziegler and Elizabeth Epsen for their work on our farm logo.